CARINA Trading

Construction Stones In Qatar


I am the owner of a company CARINA BUiIding materials & Trading L.L.C (C.B.M.T) And happy to be with my team(s). Time and time again, they proved to be up to the task they were selected for and designated to.


Remarkable devotion leads to unmatched accomplishments that add to the reputation of (C.B.M.T), creating a tradition of excellence that is being pursued by many other companies in Qatar and abroad.


Our team(s) are committed to excellence. They work hard to attain (C.B.M.T) reputation which is highly valued by our customers, partners and every community or neighborhood we worked in.


Relying on the trust of our valued customers, we, at (C.B.M.T), take pride in our professional and well-trained teams whether engineers, administrators or laborers. Add to that (C.B.M.T) exceptional, fast-track strategies with an impressive ability to apply on-time innovative solutions that exceed expectations.


Like all of its affiliates, (C.B.M.T) stays dedicated to its vision and mission statements to become a leader in the construction industry in Qatar and across the MENA region through dedication and accomplishments increasing record in of remarkable and valuable projects that bring everlasting prosperity to our stakeholders, clients, customers, and the community.